Sleep Sensors 2022

During my PhD I have worked with several sensors. Among them Beddit and Emfit. I currently us Withings because I have many other Withings products.

From these sensors, only eight sleep will help you sleep better. All the others, will just measure your sleep, so yourself can correlate behavior and sleep.

I will probably add here some other sensors/wearables that measure sleep but they are not placed on the bed, but rather on you.


1. Eight Sleep

This is a mattress that includes sensors and temperature regulation. This is the sensor that not only will measure your sleep but also will regulate your temperature to make you fall asleep faster, and sleep better. link here

2. Withings Sleep Analyzer

This is a sensor that it is placed under the mattress that measures in a similar way than Emfit QS. link here

3. Resmed S+

This sensor is developed by Resmed who has extensive experience in Sleep Technology: clinical diagnosis and link here

4. Emfit QS HRV

It is a sensor placed under the mattress that measures your sleep. link here

5. Apple Beddit Sleep Monitor

It is similar to Emfit and Withings, but done by apple (originally a Finnish company). Unfortunately, at the moment, I don’t see they are selling it. link here


Oura ring

The best and only! It is a ring, weight, charges quickly, and estimates sleep reasonably well. link here